Headlining our new Bikes of the Week is the extraordinary Arc Vector, with a power-to-weight ratio of 650 hp per tonne and a £90,000 price tag. Keep an eye out for it if you’re going to the @fosgoodwood hillclimb next weekend.
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Headlining our latest Bikes of the Week is this very cool Garelli electric conversion by @mokka_cycles — a 1970s KL50 with a retrofitted powerpack.
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Speed metal: @titanmotorcycles had just three weeks to turn this @indianmotorcycle Scout around—and they've done a fabulous job. We’re digging the messed-up flat track racer vibe.
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Headlining our latest Bikes of the Week is this stunning BMW R75/5 by @cognitomoto. It’s sporting an R nineT fork conversion, Brembo brakes and a heavily upgraded engine with a Siebenrock 1000cc kit.

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It’s hard to believe, but this CB500 started life as a hideous AME chopper—complete with flame-job paint and raked forks. Holger Breuer of @__hbcustom__ has done an amazing rescue job.

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Hide Work Custom of Taiwan has just revealed a BMX-inspired build, based on a SYM commuter bike with links to the iconic Honda Super Cub. Just the thing to recapture the pedal-powered magic from a client’s childhood.

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A textbook restomod for a 43-year-old icon. @analogmotorcycles gave this R90/6 a Siebenrock big bore kit, upgraded suspension and modern electrics—without dropping any style points. Perfektion!

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An Alta Redshift drivetrain sits at the core of this stunning new electric motorcycle from @waltsieglmotorcycles, designed with the help of @roninmotorworks mastermind Mike Mayberry. Weighing just 251 pounds, it’s the first in a production series of seven.

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Nearly seventy years old, and looking better than ever. This incredible BMW R51/3 showcases the amazing metalworking skills of Jakarta's top custom shop, @thrivemc.

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Bier, beats and burnouts: we had a blast at the huge @pureandcrafted festival in Amsterdam last weekend, hosted by @bmwmotorrad.

Here’s racer @amelie_mooseder opening the taps on her ‘Spitfire’ drag bike, built by @vtrcustoms.

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It's one thing to build a killer cafe racer. It's another thing entirely to be able to ride it in Germany without getting stopped by the Polizei. This beauty from @elemental_custom_cycles not only looks sharp, but is also TÜV approved.
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When @indianmotorcycle delivered a new Scout Bobber to young Dutch designer @luuc_muis_creations, there was a catch: he had just 20 weeks to turn his ideas into metal. He came up with ‘Hasty Flaming Buffalo,’ a boardtrack-inspired custom that’s just as brilliant as its name.

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The famous wheelmaker @blackstonetek.bst is expanding its business. It's hired former Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche to help design a premium electric bike—the wild $80,000 HyperTEK.

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A tale involving a farm in East Germany, a professor of philosophy, and a failed actor. It doesn’t get any stranger than the story behind this Indian Scout 101 from @herzbube_motorcycles of Berlin.

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The latest from Italy’s Soiatti Moto Classiche is this absolutely stunning 1971 BSA A65 Thunderbolt restomod with a street tracker vibe.

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Old British iron rescued from the scrap heap, fitted with a Husky tank, and ridden daily. Rat bike building at its finest from Enrico Pauli of @loose__screw.

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Old school cool: A late '50s drag bike with a great story behind it, discovered by @ironandair.

The bike was originally built by the owner's grandfather, then gutted for parts down to the BSA frame, and finally rebuilt to its former glory after the grandfather passed away.

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If you like blasting down fire trails with hair metal on the Walkman, this Hercules GS250 is the bike for you. Fine work from Enrico Pauli of @loose__screw, with killer 80s style paint by @vaim.me.

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This 1980 Vetter Mystery Ship has just TWO miles on the clock — and it’s also one of only two turbocharged models built, based on the Kawasaki KZ1000.

It’s coming up for sale at the @bonhamsbikes Las Vegas auction, and now headlining our new Bikes Of The Week.

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The top Aussie shop @purpose_built_moto doesn't normally tackle choppers, but when a botched-up CB900 custom arrived, they couldn't resist righting all the wrongs. And they’ve turned it into a thing of beauty.

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Who's got a crush on orange Laverdas? This 1974 SFC is on sale for a cool $58,000, after fettling by @motoborgotaro.

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What happens when one of the world's top custom builders hits the track? This incredible Ducati Hypermotard from @analogmotorcycles is designed to satisfy Tony Prust's need for speed.

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Meet the 'King of Verona' winner from the huge @MotorBikeExpo show: an incredible BMW R1100S by @officinemermaid and @radikalchopper. The level of detail is out of this world.

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The littlest cafe racer: spotted at @the1moto show last weekend, a very cute Honda Mini Trail custom.

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It's hard to believe @federalmoto has never built a bobber before, but they knocked this slim and stealthy BMW R80/7 outta the park. We reckon it’s absolut fantastisch.

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