We love the raw, visceral look of this BMW R80 from @kottmotorcycles — a major departure from Kott’s usual classic style.
‘Exodus’ is one of our picks from the @ogmotoshow — see more in our report at http://www.bikeexif.com/2019-outliers-guild-motorcycle-show
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How far can you push the design parameters of an electric motorcycle? @speedofcheeseracing built this extreme machine to test the boundaries to the limit.
See it at the Electric Revolution exhibition at the @petersenmuseum, curated by @thevintagent.
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This hand-built Norton Atlas racer has been captured by the Australian photographer Alex Jovanovic of @fstylephoto, and despite the incredible looks, it's not a trailer queen — it’s a regular in the local Historic Road Race Championships. Catch it at @thesix.one, a new moto show debuting in Vict … baca lanjutannya ►

NCR co-founder Rino Caracchi passed away recently. Now @stile.italiano.srl have paid tribute to his legacy with this incredible homage based on a Ducati MHR 900.
Spotted on @returnofthecaferacers, now in our latest Bikes Of The Week at http://www.bikeexif.com/custom-bikes-week-143 … baca lanjutannya ►

Pretty, and fast: This 1975 Norton Commando was prepped by @boxerdesignbiberach for Hubert Rigal, to take part in classic hillclimb races.
🇬🇧 Now headlining our latest Bikes Of The Week. Hit the bio link or jump to http://www.bikeexif.com/custom-bikes-week-144 🇬🇧
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Is this the world's smallest land speed record holder? “Lil’ Sucker” is a 1967 Honda S65 with a turbo'd 150cc motor, built by @reggiegringo_official. And it tops out at 62 mph on the salt flats.
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Hot off the press: The new @indianmotorcycle FTR 1200 is hitting the showrooms within days. But does it live up to the hype? We rode it to find out.
The embargo has just lifted, so hit the bio link to read our in-depth review. Or jump to http://www.bikeexif.com/indian-ftr-1200-review … baca lanjutannya ►

Alta may be dead, but the brains trust behind the brand isn't. Meet "The Death Rattle," an electric flat tracker stripped down to the bare bones. Amazing work from new shop @blatantmoto.
See it at the Electric Revolution exhibition at the @petersenmuseum, curated by @thevintagent. … baca lanjutannya ►

The @sultansofsprint race series kicks off this weekend, and @workhorse_speedshop has just thrown down the gauntlet in a huge way.
This 130 hp, nitrous-fueled Indian Scout Bobber will be piloted by the one and only Randy Mamola.
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Silent but deadly: this is the @zeromotorcycles factory entry for next month's Pikes Peak hillclimb, an SR/F with composite bodywork, race electronics, WSBK suspension, and 70% more torque than a Ducati Panigale V4R.
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MV Agusta is famous for its rich racing heritage, but it doesn't have a 'modern classic' in its lineup. This Brutale 675 cafe racer from @queen_houng of Onehandmade shows what could be.
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The @saroleamoto Manx7 is one of the most beautiful electric motorcycles out there. Now the Belgian company has lifted its game even further, with a @ridewiththemighty special edition.
Get the details in our latest Bikes Of The Week.
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The bike that Yamaha Motor should have built in the 1980s: an incredible XZ 550 restomod from Dutch master builder @maarten_poodt. It takes the concept of ‘parts bin special’ to a whole new level.
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Headlining our new Bikes of the Week is the extraordinary Arc Vector, with a power-to-weight ratio of 650 hp per tonne and a £90,000 price tag. Keep an eye out for it if you’re going to the @fosgoodwood hillclimb next weekend.
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Zero Motorcycles gave custom builder Hugo Eccles of @untitledmotorcycles access to the SR/F prototypes, and he’s returned the favor with a sleek grey stealth bomber of a motorcycle. It’s just been revealed at @fosgoodwood, the world’s largest car event.
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Extreme machine: this Aprilia SXV550-powered cafe fighter is the latest build from Modena-based @simonecontimotorcycles_scm. Killer!
Get the full story at http://www.bikeexif.com/aprilia-sxv550-custom
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Headlining our latest Bikes of the Week is this very cool Garelli electric conversion by @mokka_cycles — a 1970s KL50 with a retrofitted powerpack.
Hit the bio link for more, or jump to https://www.bikeexif.com/custom-bikes-week-156-2
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Speed metal: @titanmotorcycles had just three weeks to turn this @indianmotorcycle Scout around—and they've done a fabulous job. We’re digging the messed-up flat track racer vibe.
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We’re giving four readers the chance to win a NEXX X.G100R helmet, and get it transformed by one of the world’s top helmet artists: @hellocousteau @vaim.me @papeel or @taggerdesigns.
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This Honda RS600 replica from @justiflied gleams likes a show queen—but it's destined to rip up the dirt in Johannesburg's only flat track race, the @stofskop.
Get the build story (and more stunning shots by Duane Coetzee) at:
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Headlining our latest Bikes of the Week is this stunning BMW R75/5 by @cognitomoto. It’s sporting an R nineT fork conversion, Brembo brakes and a heavily upgraded engine with a Siebenrock 1000cc kit.

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Yamaha just launched its littlest 'Sport Heritage' bike in Thailand—the XSR155. And @eakkspeed was briefed to deliver a one-off custom to celebrate. Meet ‘Trail Breaker,’ one tough little cookie.

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He waited 57 years, but Dan finally got his dream Norton—a stunning 1971 Commando 750 restomod, built by the Great Lakes workshop @retrospeedllc.

Looks like it was worth the wait, doesn’t it?

For more stunning shots by @grantschwingle, jump to

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It’s hard to believe, but this CB500 started life as a hideous AME chopper—complete with flame-job paint and raked forks. Holger Breuer of @__hbcustom__ has done an amazing rescue job.

See more beautiful images by Emayat Wahab at

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Hide Work Custom of Taiwan has just revealed a BMX-inspired build, based on a SYM commuter bike with links to the iconic Honda Super Cub. Just the thing to recapture the pedal-powered magic from a client’s childhood.

Get the story and more images at

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