Honda's 'neo sports café' CB1000R gets a stunning makeover from the Barcelona garage @impalabcn. Built for the @honda_garage_dreams_contest, we’re wondering if 150 hp on the dirt track might be a handful ...
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New from @thrivemc: a very sleek Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with Ceriani forks, Brembo stoppers and hand-formed aluminum bodywork. Exquisite.
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Is this the world's smallest land speed record holder? “Lil’ Sucker” is a 1967 Honda S65 with a turbo'd 150cc motor, built by @reggiegringo_official. And it tops out at 62 mph on the salt flats.
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The @saroleamoto Manx7 is one of the most beautiful electric motorcycles out there. Now the Belgian company has lifted its game even further, with a @ridewiththemighty special edition.
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A most unusual custom: a Grom sidecar rig from @industrial_moto, built so that a disabled lad with Angelman Syndrome can enjoy a motorcycle ride with his big brother — the motovlogger @iamsoulless. What a fantastic idea.
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Heading up our new Bikes Of The Week: a very stylish bolt-on kit for the BMW R nineT from @hookieco.
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Niki Smart of @abc_abikecompany designed the Ariel Atom sportscar and then worked for GM in Los Angeles. He can also build a very sharp motorcycle—even if it took him a decade.
This is his Honda XL500-powered boardtracker, which picked up two trophies at The Quail show.
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A @royalenfield Interceptor 650 arrived at @revivalcycles months before its public launch. The Texas shop channeled the spirit of McQueen and turned it into this tough (but pretty racer) for the L.A.-Barstow to Vegas run.
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Headlining our new Bikes of the Week is this super-tough Sportster from @biltwell and @rouserworks. It’s got everything you’d want from a desert racing Harley, including an @sscycle engine kit, a Rekluse clutch, and burly suspension.
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Mike LaFountain of @racciamotorcycles is a perfectionist. But with this 1974 Honda CB750 K4, he cut himself a little slack—and fell in love with building again.
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The 1950s are back! Are we seeing a new trend with the fairing on this sleek new @royalenfield custom from @baakmotocyclettes?
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A sharp-edged update for the evergreen Honda NX650 Dominator dual sport. Fine work from@thediffers, a shop based in the ancient city of Vilnius in Lithuania. Who’d take this one for a ride?
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Malmö-based @paalmotorcycles have just delivered a pair of classic cafes—a 1972 Honda CB750 Four and a 1978 Kawasaki Z650. Scandinavian minimalism at its finest.
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Tally ho! Just four weeks to go! Register now for The Distinguished @gentlemansride before your local ride hits capacity.

Here’s @hugoeccles from @untitledmotorcycles setting the pace last year on the HyperScrambler.

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This Honda RS600 replica from @justiflied gleams likes a show queen—but it's destined to rip up the dirt in Johannesburg's only flat track race, the @stofskop.
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Cool as f**k: a heavily modified Honda Monkey 125 from @eakkspeed, with uprated suspension, Brembo brakes and Lamborghini paint. Who else wants this?

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With Yamaha R1 suspension and hand-beaten monocoque bodywork, you'd think this Honda CBX 750 F was a pro build. But Chris Scholtka of @motocrew.caferacer has a day job as a firefighter.

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This is the @archmotorcycle KRGT-1, a bespoke performance cruiser that’s bonkers fast and retails for $85,000. So what’s it like to ride a bike that costs as much as a Tesla Model X?

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Ever heard of the Honda Monkey Baja from the early 90s?

Honda then went a step further and created a ‘Monkey Africa’ body kit, with a huge tank-and-seat unit that bolted straight onto the regular Monkey Baja. It’s absolutely bizarre, and there’s a complete bike up for grabs at t … baca lanjutannya ►

Rob Chappell of @origin8or in Canada is known for his CB750 cafe racers, but he's pledged never to build one again. This beauty will be his last, and a fitting way to sign off.

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Believe it or not, under the chrome and polished aluminum here is a Honda CRF450X! We're taking a shine to this new build from @blackcyclesaustralia of Brisbane.

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The South Korean outfit @crazy_garage_ have popped up in our Bikes of the Week before. Their latest is this Honda CBR1000RR, built in collaboration with @ohlinskorea and a nod to the legendary Honda VFR750R RC30 race bike.

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Built with a little know-how, some smart part selections and a lot of elbow grease.

This Yamaha XS650 street tracker was designed by Dan Riley of @gunndsgn for @tucker_powersports, and shows how a little money can go a long way.

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The top Aussie shop @purpose_built_moto doesn't normally tackle choppers, but when a botched-up CB900 custom arrived, they couldn't resist righting all the wrongs. And they’ve turned it into a thing of beauty.

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The Honda CB1000R is one of the best liter bikes out there at the moment. This titanium-clad monster is a commission from @hondamotoitalia, who tapped @imbarcadero14_venice to take it up a notch with bodywork inspired by 1980s Lamborghinis.

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