Fewer plastics, more style — this incredible Yamaha WR450F from @lemotographe headlines our latest roundup of the best customs. .
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This hand-built Yamaha MT-07 from @jakedrummond22 features a custom-built aluminum perimeter frame—and is based on a 1/10th scale model he built first.
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New from the @deusportal in Milano: a Yamaha SR500 with flat track chops and plenty of street style. With a waspish tail unit, a slick paint job and performance upgrades, it’s tickling our fancy.
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@hookieco were asked to build a ‘playful, sporty and classic’ Yamaha XSR700... but they opted for ‘modern’ instead. This lemon fresh scrambler is the result.
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The Dutch builder @arjanvandenboom of Ironwood takes a break from the Beemers that made him famous, and delivers a killer Yamaha XSR700.
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The bike that Yamaha Motor should have built in the 1980s: an incredible XZ 550 restomod from Dutch master builder @maarten_poodt. It takes the concept of ‘parts bin special’ to a whole new level.
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Little bike, big fun: the German builder @kingstoncustom adds a beach tracker vibe to Yamaha's peppy MT-125. And there's a kit on the way too.
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Heavy duty suspension, lightweight wheels and slick bodywork make this one of the most desirable custom XSR700s we've seen. Excellent work from @capelosgarage and @elementalrides of Portugal.
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There are over 60 Yard Built customs so far, and this is one of the best. Jens vom Brauck of @jvb_moto has remodeled the XSR900 'retro rocket' with a fabulous 80s-influenced new look.
Get the details at http://www.bikeexif.com/yamaha-xsr900-custom
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A nod to the much-loved BW200 from the '80s: this fabulously chunky XSR 700 scrambler from @surleschapeauxderoues is the latest official @yamahamotorfr Yard Built custom.
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You can't beat old-fashioned grunt: this Yamaha XJR1300 from @badwinners of Paris is packed with good stuff, including a heavily upgraded big bore engine and superbike suspension.

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Yamaha just launched its littlest 'Sport Heritage' bike in Thailand—the XSR155. And @eakkspeed was briefed to deliver a one-off custom to celebrate. Meet ‘Trail Breaker,’ one tough little cookie.

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The first bike Johnny Nguyen bought was a Yamaha. He’s now the man behind @upcyclemotorgarage, and he’s returned to the tuning fork marque and built this stunning XS1100 — a slammed boulevard cruiser that can clock the quarter mile in less than 12 seconds.

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Start out with a rad bike, then make it even radder with plug-n-play mods. Istanbul’s @bunkercustomcycles show us the way, with this subtly tweaked but very sweet Yard Built Yamaha XSR900.

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Classic Japanese style, crafted in Cambridgeshire, England. This delightful SR400 bobber comes from from the small but feisty apparel brand @twogunsalute and custom shop @smith_and_son_motorcycles.

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Please Yamaha, build a scrambler as cool as this light and peppy SR250 from Spain’s @ufo.garage. Priced right, it’d sell by the thousands.

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Super Duper Ténéré: A former Dakar rally racer builds the perfect ADV. We reckon this Yamaha XTZ 750 restomod from @marco_saldarriaga of @mastechmoto would give many modern offroaders a run for their money.

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Stefan Lantschner of @kooltcreations was going to turn his old XT600E into an off-road 'beater' with a flat track vibe, but then got a little carried away … It’s now sporting Bultaco bodywork, huge suspension upgrades and oodles of @magura_powersports components.

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This Yamaha TR1 from @ortolanicustoms is sporting hand-sculpted bodywork, an eccentric paint job and a turbofan-style front wheel... and we love it.

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A killer MT-07 with a supermoto vibe from Queensland builder Andrew Stagg. He’s given it custom aluminum bodywork, relocated the tank and added those great ’speed block’ graphics.

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The latest from K-Speed: An XJR 1300 stripped of the flab and slammed down to the ground. @eakkspeed and his crew have proved they can handle muscle bikes just as well as the Monkeys and middleweights.

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The data is crunched and the results are out! Our annual Top 10 Custom Motorcycles article has just gone live.
See which bikes blew away the readers of the world’s biggest custom moto website in 2019.

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Third-gear wheelies all day! This street tracker from Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway of @deusemporium is powered by an MT-07 engine with an official Yamaha race kit, slotted into a custom Jeff Cole frame with Ohlins and Race Tech suspension.

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Built with a little know-how, some smart part selections and a lot of elbow grease.

This Yamaha XS650 street tracker was designed by Dan Riley of @gunndsgn for @tucker_powersports, and shows how a little money can go a long way.

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This Kenny Roberts-inspired XS650 is pushing all our nostalgia buttons.

It comes from Yutaka Hoshi at @rocketmotorcycle in Japan, who built it as a tribute to King Kenny’s illustrious career with Yamaha. It’s a mash up of history; the donor is an XS650, as a nod the bike that Robert … baca lanjutannya ►